Trust the magic of new beginnings.

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The only certain thing in this world is change, and change can be hard and uncomfortable.  When one door closes, we can be sure that the most beautifully ornate golden door is waiting to greet us when we are ready.  Having faith in knowing that the universe has our back is a practice. Yet when we release our control, that is when the magic starts to happen.  

❋          ❋          ❋          ❋          ❋          ❋          ❋          ❋          ❋         ❋          

Words to align you to your highest potential. Stick on your mirror and repeat on the daily.

Large vinyl mirror sticker to manifest your wildest dreams!

Transfer onto mirrors, glass, water bottles, computers & much more. 

5" wide x 3.5" long

Easy to apply & remove when needed.

Green font.